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What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire DevOps ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.

DevOps Essentials

In this module, you will learn the reasons for the evolution of DevOps, what is DevOps, the various skills and market trends in DevOps, introduction to the delivery pipeline in DevOps and the DevOps ecosystem.

  • Why DevOps?
  • What is DevOps?
  • Scope of DevOps
  • DevOps Engineer Skills
  • DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  • DevOps on cloud and containers
  • Benefits of DevOps

Linux and scripting overview

In this module, you can learn about all the basic commands & utilities in Linux, Scripting using shell and python programming as well.

  • Introduction
  • Directory structure
  • Working on file and folders
  • Working on command line
  • File system security
  • Introduction to shell scripting
  • Variables and conditions
  • Loops and IO statements
  • Functions and strings
  • Use case

Hands-on: Write a script to list users into output file from a scratch input file.

SCM and CI - GIT and Jenkins

In this module, you can learn about automatic Source Code Management using GIT, Continuous Integration using Jenkins and plugin management.

  • Introduction to VCS and GIT
  • Installing GIT and Configuration settings
  • Important GIT commands
  • Introduction to CI and Jenkins
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins
  • Plugin Management
  • Managing Jenkins Credentials
  • Use case

Hands-on: Show the various GIT commands to push and pull a repository, Understanding of Jenkins UI.

Build Automation

In this module, you can learn how to build and schedule an appropriate delivery pipeline. You can also understand the various security options and notification management in Jenkins.

  • Job configuration
  • Schedule jobs
  • Parameterized builds
  • Managing master and slave configuration
  • Build Setup in jenkins
  • Plugin Management
  • Security in jenkins
  • Notification system

Hands-on: Create a complete build pipeline in Jenkins from compilation to deployment of application.

Containerization using Docker

This module will help you identify the difference between containers andVMs. You can learn about virtualization using Docker. You can also deep dive into image and containers concept in Docker.

  • What and Why Containers?
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker Fundamentals
  • Image operations
  • Docker containers
  • Plugin Management
  • Dockerfile
  • Use case

Hands-on: Create an image from Dockerfile, create a container from base image and deploy an application and Create Images from Containers.


This module will give you overview of cloud computing and AWS. You can also deep dive into some of its services like EC2, ELB volumes, S3 buckets, IAM, VPC creation and CloudWatch Monitoring.

  • Introduction to AWS & cloud computing
  • Creating AWS account
  • Navigate AWS Management console
  • Amazon ec2 service
  • Amazon s3
  • Working on ELB
  • Creating Amazon VPC
  • Getting started with RDS
  • What is an AMI?
  • IAM (Identity Access Management)
  • Configuring CloudWatch with services

Hands-on:6 or 7 Tasks related to above services.


This module introduces you to an important topic called "Infrastructure-as-Code". You can learn about the master-agent architecture and catalog compilation in chef. You will also learn to write a chef program to create a file and write some content in it.

  • Chef Introduction
  • Chef Architecture
  • Create & configure chef server, node and workstation
  • Basic Chef Terminologies
  • Resources and Recipes
  • Environments and Roles
  • Working on knife command line
  • Use case

Hands-on: Write code for DEV to use Java/Tomcat8 and PROD to use Java/Tomcat7, Illustrate overriding of a tomcat application, create a template for tomcat configuration file.

Nagios & SonarQube

This module will give you overview of monitoring and Nagios. You can learn about the monitoring host/server and services with alerting. This modules covers SonarQube setup and plugin configuration and analyzing code as well.

  • Nagios Introduction
  • Nagios Plugins, Nagios Objects
  • Nagios Commands
  • Nagios Notification
  • SonarQube installation & configuration
  • User & group permissions
  • Plugin configurations
  • Quality Gates & Profiles
  • Use case

Hands-on: Configure Nagios to monitor Webserver, Nagios server config and modify chef script to automatically add web server to list of servers to be monitored.

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